Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections:

Major Systems

The commercial inspection is a thorough assessment of five major building systems: Roofing, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC. We check Roofing to ensure proper drainage and function. Our inspection of the Structure concerns both the interior and exterior of the building/s. We assess the Electrical and Plumbing to ensure proper materials and function. Lastly, HVAC systems are tested to ensure they are in working order. We work in conjunction with specialists to provide as thorough a picture of any of those systems as needed.

Partners in the Commercial Inspection Process

We at Building Sciences understand the importance of having a thorough assessment that clearly depicts the condition and concerns of your investment. Our commercial inspection seeks to do just that.

The Commercial Report can be tailored to address your specific needs to address those concerns. In addition, our specialized due-diligence partners are available to dissect all five of the major sections of your commercial property and can be employed as needed to address your concerns.

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