It happens. You know the roof needs to be repaired and after you get the quote, you decide to put it off for just a little longer. Or it’s a small repair and you decide to attempt it yourself.

Repairing your own roof can be dangerous – from climbing the ladder to standing on loose shingles, homeowners should be aware that roof repairs are risky. Even after attempting to fix the problem yourself, there may be additional roof damage that is not obvious to the untrained eye. In order to be sure that your roof is properly repaired, call a roofing professional to ensure that surface and structural damages are eradicated.

In the home inspection pictured below, the seller actually hired a roofing company, but because this home was an investment property, had a handyman oversee the work. We’re not sure what went wrong but even an untrained professional can see that somebody cut corners.

In this home inspection, discrepancies/improper application of roofing material/s were observed. The valleys were not cut in, wandering materials were found, the ridge was chocked with tar paper, and there are nail pops.










In the end, the seller hired a second roofing company to repair the damage and the home inspection protected the buyer from what could have been a costly re-roofing had the problems not been found during the inspection.

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