“Deferred maintenance” is a bad habit we all can fall into. A few pennies now can save a few dollars later, if repairs are performed when first noticed. So, if you haven't done the small things yet, consider doing them soon!

Time to check your air filter! Air filters on your air handler should be cleaned or replaced every few months, if not sooner, so now is the time to do this if you haven't already. A dirty air filter can cause your heat or AC system to fail, not work properly or strain the system creating higher energy bills.

Gutters and Drains: if you have trees around your home, it's time again, if not already, to clean your gutters or check them to see if they need cleaning. Check any ground drains too.

Fire Extinguishers: Grease fires and electrical fires require a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, and water should never be used, as it can cause an explosion to occur and injure those nearby.

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Do you have a fire extinguisher far enough away from the cook stove, but close enough to grab in a hurry? Pick one up today at your local building supply store.

Energy Saving Tip: Weatherstripping at doors can become loose, or door openings can expand during seasonal changes, requiring weatherstripping adjustment or replacement.

Also: If you have a large TV, game system, sound system — even when off, they can still leak energy ($). Solution: You can plug them all into an energy saving outlet strip that turns them OFF with a wireless switch on the wall. Make sure the outlet strip you purchase claims to cut “all” the energy off when in the off position.

Remember, if you are planning any renovations or repairs and need me to inspect the progress before or after, let me know. I offer a single component inspection for a small fee and offer consultations too!


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