Home-Guard Maintenance

Annual Inspection Plan

Damage Sources

As years pass by many homes experience damage due to destructive sources and lack of maintenance. Wear and tear, rodent damage, water intrusion, mold, and other issues erode away at your investment.


We at Building Sciences 16:3 put together an annual destructive source detection program; which will be
fundamental in detecting sources of damage and maintaining the future integrity of your home. We will give
clear direction to correct and maintain issues we discover before they cause extensive damage.

Maintenance Plan

If you elect we will be sending you an 11-month reminder to have your home-guard destructive source detection inspection. Periodic assessments are necessary to prevent expensive damage.

Don’t let the years pass by and not know what’s eating at your home. Take the time to make a house your happy home.

The annual Home-Guard destructive source inspection evaluation cost is $295. This fee covers up to 3,000 sq.ft.

By opting into the plan today we will reserve your annual inspection at a reduced rate of $195. Your inspection will take place 12 months from now.


Mark R. Berardelli – BCT – Senior Inspector

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