Building Sciences 16:3 abides by the state of North Carolina’s Standards of Practice (SOP) and Code of Ethics during all of our inspection services.

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Buyer’s Inspection

The Buyer’s Inspection is a non-invasive and thorough visual inspection of a residential building. During the inspection, we will take note of the condition of the property in relation to its age and find any damage or defects with the home’s visible and safely accessible systems and components. This inspection will teach home buyers everything they need to know about the home before they purchase it.

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Investor Inspection

Most experienced residential investors need help putting together a detailed report of issues in the home without all of the information that first-time home buyers might need. An Investor Inspection is a quick and easy way to get a concise report of these defects only at a reduced fee. This inspection can also be used for estate transfers and seasoned buyers.

Multi-Family Inspection

When purchasing a multi-family dwelling there are considerations that go beyond the realm of a standard residential purchase. Because of our experience we can help with these considerations and properly advised you in the right direction giving a clear depiction of your potential purchase.


After all repairs in the CRL™ has been addressed, a Re-Inspection can be scheduled to ensure that buyer and seller are still on the same page. We will make a reassessment identifying the repairs observed.

New Construction Inspection

A proper assessment performed at this point will reduce issues that may arise in the future due to improper application saving you on future maintenance and repairs.

Pre-Drywall/Phase Inspections

For a defect-free final project, a Pre-Drywall Inspection/Phase Inspection can be scheduled. We will inspect the project pre-drywall or in stages, depending on which inspection you request. This ensures the property is in its best condition before it’s ready for you.

Pre-Listing Inspection

The Pre-Listing Inspection is a great way for sellers to best prepare their home for a competitive housing market. We will uncover any damage in the home so that the seller can repair these issues ahead of potential buyers coming to see the property.

Environmental and Other Inspections

Septic Inspection

Inspectors are NC State Certified. Septic Inspections are important as the system is underground. A septic inspection includes reviewing plans and permits providing hand excavation to evaluate accessible septic tanks (depth permitting) and evaluation of the leach field.

More Information About Our Septic Inspection Scope

Water Testing

Building Sciences can test for contamination in water such as but not limited Coliform, E-coli, radon in water, arsenic, FHA water testing, VA water testing, with parameters such as pH, nitrate, nitrite, lead, iron, Etc. We use a laboratory certified and sampling procedures that are accepted everywhere.

Pool Inspection

We offer Pool Inspections so that home buyers and owners can rest easy knowing that their pool system is operational, and that all components are functioning as intended.

Well Assessment

A well assessment is a PSI, GPM, functional flow, Equipment and contaminant assessment. After well assessment you will not only know the condition of your equipment but you also will know if it has an adequate flow and if it will function under normal stress. we also test for coliform in E coli bacteria this is included in your assessment.

Radon Testing

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas that can build up in the home. It’s undetectable without professional testing. Keep your home safe by scheduling Radon Testing with your home inspection.

More Information About Our Radon Inspection Scope

Termite Inspection

Your termite inspection will be performed by a third-party contractor. We have several companies we work with that are very well qualified. We will coordinate this inspection, usually having it performed at the same time as the other assessments we are performing for you, and managing this process so as to eliminate any confusion dovetailing the termite inspection with the structural assessment resulting in the most accurate assessment and benefit of service.

More Information About Our Termite Inspection

Bulk Sampling, Asbestos and Others

Many times contaminants can be found in a home or commercial site that can be identified with bulk sampling. We can consult with you and determine the correct sampling for your situation and provide adequate bulk samples to an approved laboratory for assessment and determination of whether or not these substances are dangerous or acceptable.

Mold Testing

The principal of Building Sciences is the former owner of a scientific remediation company specializing in remediation of mold. radon and some others. This company was known for performing large mold remediation projects ($250.000) under the supervision of a company unemployed industrial hygienist; therefore we have a lot of experience and can properly advised you with regard to mold and other environmental contaminants.

Foundation Certification

FHA/VA financing sometimes requires that a home be given Foundation Certification. We perform an on-site inspection of the foundation where the home is located. We observe features and components of the foundation as it pertains to the permanent foundation standards of HUD. We review and verify compliance as it pertains to the HUD guidelines. If the foundation is in compliance to HUD standards, we issue the certification compliance letter. If the foundation is non-compliant to HUD standards, we issue a non-compliant letter with recommendations on how to bring the foundation into HUD compliance.

Commercial Inspections

Light Commercial Inspection

Lite commercial inspections will give the business investor a clear understanding of the potential purchase. With years of experience in investing of this sort we can give the business purchaser clear perspective and his new purchase.


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