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Gutters running alongside a roofline can look really nice. However, they may not always optimally perform their desired function. Their first priority ought to be protecting and maintaining the integrity of the roof and other components. 

The gutter’s primary use is to catch water and direct it away from the building structure. Mistakes here can cause leaking and extra weight which can pull down the gutter and destroy its mounts. To avoid this, the installation uses adequate kick-out flashing in order to alleviate water infiltration. The system should also be adequately attached and pitched so that water and debris do not accumulate. This will help keep them from clogging too quickly. For this reason, cleaning gutters on a regular basis is absolutely essential to maintain your gutters.

Downspouts are the most often neglected part of the gutter system. This is the portion of the gutter that joins the roofline and directs water down the side and away from your home. When downspouts deposit water directly to the ground without a ground spout, they cause accelerated erosion and damage at the base of the structure. They can also cause increased moisture intrusion at the crawl space.

Of course, there are other considerations for guttering and maintaining your home. Call Building Sciences Inspection Center for an annual maintenance checkup and assistance finding competent vendors to maintain and improve your home.