Inspecting Fire Damage


Has there ever been a fire in your attic? Past fires and those repairs often come up when doing a home inspection.

Some times we see obvious charring; others, its less obvious. Sometimes moisture can even stain the wood in a way that looks like fire damage.

Sometimes, utilizing the structure’s sound components can preserve a home even while replacing other components. These are decisions that have to be made when purchasing a building.

A home’s structural components are often interdependent. Parts of the home that were not touched by the fire itself may be affected by stresses on other parts of the structure during the fire. Repairs and components added afterward also affect the existing structure.

Water damage must also be considered after a fire. Repairing the structure to defend against saturated components is an important task. More subtle and dangerous than water itself however, mold can grow in the aftermath of a fire. Mold begins to grow in wet environments in less than a week after a fire and can make the process of cleanup much more complicated.

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