Inspection Process

Full Inspection Center

We perform both structural and environmental inspections to include: general building and structural inspections; septic, well, and termite inspections; and mold and radon testing. We also perform specialty inspections for things like foundation certifications, docks, and pools. 

This eliminates confusion, saves money, and streamlines your inspection process. 

Reviews and Reports

We offer inspection reviews at the end of the general building inspection. If you have ordered a general inspection, in addition to receiving your report the next day, you have the option of attending this review at the end of the inspection. Please contact us ahead of time to confirm your review.

Reports are written and presented at the review before being finalized, uploaded, and sent out the next business day.

Lifetime Consulting and Home-Guard

As our commitment to you as our client, we offer lifetime consulting as a complementary part of the inspection process. This means that whether you have questions about the components in your home a week after your inspection, or are considering an addition a year down the road, we want to make ourselves available for any questions you may have.

We also offer an optional annual maintenance plan that will ensure you catch future problems before they become costly issues.

Auxiliary Inspection Requirements

For Septic inspections: Please have the location of the septic tank marked and forward a copy of the septic permit and pumping records to our office. Cables and lines should not be routed over septic tanks. Be aware that lines buried over tanks may be damaged during excavation.

For Well InspectionsThe well needs to be operational, accessible, and functioning at the time of the inspection.

For Pool Inspections: The pool must be filled and fully functional at the time of the inspection with any operational controls made available. It is preferred that the operator/ maintenance person is present at the time of assessment.

Radon Tests: The radon test is a safe sampling test that occurs over the course of 2-5 days. During this time, all windows and doors must remain closed except for regular ingress and egress.

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