PAC Procedure

Implementing our pay at closing option (PAC) has given an advantage to our buyers that are relying on sellers to absorb a portion of their closing cost. The $35 fee is a secondary option, not the primary payment method. The buyer is ultimately responsible for the inspection fees. 90% of our customers pay prior to the inspection or at the inspection, however, this option is available for any and all of our customers.


  1. In order to take advantage of this option, the buyer will need to notify our office that they plan to pay at closing prior to the performance of the inspection.
  2. To pay the PAC fee, visit our website at, click the “Pay Now” icon in the upper right-hand corner, choose the “Make Other Payment” to the right, and enter the $35 payment.
  3. Once this payment is made the buyer will need to email the following information to
    1. a copy of the authorization code they received
    2. the closing date
    3. the three-digit authorization code on the reverse side of the credit card used to make this payment.
  4. Furthermore, the buyer, or his appointed agent, must see that a copy of the invoice is taken to and paid at settlement. Once the buyer elects to pay at closing, the outstanding amount must be paid by settlement, unless paid before settlement.
  5. If Pay-at-closing procedure is not completed prior to the inspection, Building Sciences 16:3 will follow normal protocol and require payment prior to the release of the report.

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