With all of the recent rainfall, homeowners in the Charlotte area should check their homes for standing water or excessive moisture. In the inspection depicted below, the home had excessive moisture levels that were already causing structural damage.

Intrusion by moisture to structural component/s moisture levels from 18 to 40 percent observed. Continuous un-managed moisture/water intrusion will have a negative effect on the structure.

Vapor barrier should be added where missing or disturbed. Repair or replace vapor barrier is used to manage moisture in the crawl space.


Some signs of fungus were observed in the crawl space. crawl space





Note:This is a non occupied space. No test or assessment of microbial was performed. Building Sciences can perform this test if requested. Excessive moisture has affected components in the crawl space. The biggest problem with a situation like this is wood rot from moisture and compromise of insulation. Installing or repairing vapor barrier and removing wet and tattered insulation may be needed.

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Note: Beware of remediation companies that suggest application of microbial application, which is very expensive, and have no plan for moisture control. Any remediation plan that does not address the source of intrusion short and long term is short sited and destined to fail.


Have your next inspection performed by a seasoned authority from Building Sciences 16:3. We use our 26 years of experience to give you a thorough inspection and a detailed report.