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Welcome to Building Sciences 16:3, Structural Environmental Inspection Center (veteran/family owned). We know more than anyone that buying a new home can be just as nerve-racking as it is exciting, and we want to gently guide you through the process.

Put your trust in the hands of thoroughly certified, competent and accomplished inspectors as we take our time to uncover the details about the home, inform you about its condition and accurately depict the state of your purchase. Not all defects in the home should send you running for the hills. In most situations, the problems that we discover in the building can be tolerated or easily remedied.

Let us guide you through this process and the decisions that can turn a house into a home. We offer fast and easy scheduling and can typically arrange an inspection just a day or two after you contact us.

Receive Your Comprehensive Report in Less Than 24 Hours

We understand that you want to start making decisions about your future home as quickly as possible, so we do our best to email your report the morning following your inspection.

We use HomeGauge Software to generate our reports, which include photos, necessary video, and an interactive tool called the Create Request List (CRL™). With the CRL™, communicating your repair requests to the buyer or realtor is as easy as pushing a button. Simply use our findings to create your project list, and your realtor will have access to each new change and request you make throughout the process. Feel free to call us after receiving your report with any additional questions.

Lifetime Consulting

With each inspection we do, we include on-site consulting so that our customers can have their questions answered and be given a verbal summary of our findings.

However, home ownership is a long commitment that can benefit from professional consultation long after the inspection process. This is why we include Lifetime Consulting for each and every home we inspect. For as long as you own the home, we encourage you to call us any time a question or concern about the property arises.

This is not a nonchalant commitment. Let’s say you are putting on an addition, just send us the prints we will review them and interview your contractor. We’re like family!

Contact Building Sciences 16:3 today to schedule our high-quality inspection services.

Offering a Relationship Discount for returning customers as well as a Multi-Service Discount.

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